LIVE BIG Foundation Life Course 1
  • Be happy by letting go of your negative behaviours
  • Find your voice and stop worrying about what people think
  • Have better relationships by letting go of the People Pleaser and Perfectionist
  • Learn to let go and trust
  • Leave anxiety, depression, addictions and bad relationships behind
Change Your Story - Change Your Life Foundation Life Course 2
  • Discover the stories and self limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Learn where they came from and why they don't define you
  • Break through and see things differently
  • Discover what you would love to create from a place of being authentic
  • This course is for attendees who have attended the LIVE BIG course
Your Spiritual Passport Foundation Life Course 3
When you discover the 6 energies that flow within you and around you, you will find that you connect with your life more deeply in a way that you could never imagine before.Welcome to Your Spiritual Passport course.