To transform yourself, you don’t need to do big things. Just do small things in a big way. Transformation will follow you.

Rahul Sinha

Want to do what you love, travelling, camping and being with like minded people?

Are you are looking for a retreat where you can immerse yourself in nature and mindfulness with a sprinkle of transformation then look no further, you will love the Amber and Wild Campers Retreat.

Calling all women who want a transformational experience that will enable them to blossom and live a wilder and more expansive life.

Meet up with Marion and her team on camp sites across the UK.

The Amber and Wild Retreat “Live Big” will enable you to live a more purposeful, confident and happier life.

 Bring your tents, campers, vans and motorhomes and join us so that we can celebrate our uniqueness together.

You can also check out Marion’s MINI RETREATS in Maldon, Essex which are non residential and take place over a weekend.  

More information below to help you decide if the camping retreat is for you. 

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Amber and Wild Retreats

Are you ready to understand yourself more?

Do you want to know how your inner world works?

When I show you how to have a relationship with your true self, you will understand how to navigate your feelings and thoughts.  Knowing this, you will become more peaceful, confident and visible in the world. 

Once you understand deeply how to navigate the eco system inside yourself and learn how to live from the inside out, you will automatically start transforming!

I have spent a life time transforming!  I have come to understand who I really am and it has brought me so much peace, happiness and a feeling of “being in the flow” of life. Let me help you find that feeling too.

Was is it easy?

At times yes, because I found people along the way who taught me invaluable lessons!

At other times, I have needed to be courageous and willing to let go of the old and embrace my true self. 

Is it time to ...

In a magical, mindful way we will discover ...

Meet Friday late afternoon for an evening meetup in The Circle to get to know each other. Leaving Sunday evening after the closing ceremony or Monday morning.

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What to expect

Why would you benefit from joining the Amber and Wild

“Live Big Retreat”



If you feel lost at times, have lived through challenges or are in the midst of one right now, then join us and find out how to see life differently so that you are happy with your life.


Confidence comes from feeling good enough and worthy. When you trust yourself to make the best choices for yourself, you will go out into the world deciding how you want to show up in it.


When you are authentic and behave as if you are good enough and worthy you will feel grounded in a feeling of wholeness. You will feel connected to people around you and will relish being "seen!"


Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, addictions and issues that arise from bad relationships disappear when you are connected inside to who you were born to be, not who you have been taught to be!


Being authetic automatically transforms your life. Exploring what your spiritual values are and living a life being truthful with yourself and those around you will keep you in alignment with your true self. Your purpose flows from this place.


You can explore your dreams and be confident to follow them. Dreams that arise from your innate Wisdom inside are different from those we create when we have lower self-esteem. You are capable of manifesting an amazing life!

 Amber and Wild Retreat


Meet Friday late afternoon for an evening meetup in The Circle to get to know each other. Leaving Sunday evening after the closing ceremony or Monday morning

Frequently asked questions

Please contact Marion on 07712 537099 to find out if there is a space available for you to attend.  Once you register interest, please contact the site to book your stay.  

Marion will keep you space on the retreat available for 3 days only.  

Once your stay is booked with the camp site, please let Marion know so that you can pay for the retreat. 


You must book and pay for your accommodation yourself.  The cost payable to Amber and Wild is only for the retreat.

The camp site with your accommodation will have it’s own cancellation policy but the Retreat has payment upfront with no refund.

The reason we have a no refund policy is that we will have already booked space and in some cases paid for equipment. 

We have kept the costs of the retreat as low as possible to enable everyone to be able to attend and therefore if someone were to cancel at the last minute this would cause Amber and Wild to suffer losses and in turn would mean the retreat would not go ahead.

Absolutely not.  I have run many groups and have also been on many courses where I have been in groups with other women.  You will find that you all support each other and learn so much just by listening to them.  Many people on my courses have become good friends.  

If you are a little shy, please know that you don’t need to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.  We are there to support you.

If you want to transform and come along to the retreat with the intention of being part of the experience and have an open mind to change then you will certainly leave feeling different and knowing more than before you came. 

Please bring your own journal, comfortable clothing and a chair.

Food will be your responsibility. We will eat together in the Circle in the evening. The other mealtimes will be your own time.

This is a no alcohol event.  We like people to be clear minded and want to be respectful of anyone who may be in recovery.

Breakfast and lunch are regarded as quiet times. If you want to spend time in your own company, or walking in nature, please do so.

We would ask that those who do congregate in the Circle at these times are mindful of meeting with others in a peaceful, quiet way.  

We have spent a lot of time thinking about this as I am a dog owner myself. 

We have decided that due to the nature of the retreat that having dogs at the retreat will be too distracting.  

Not all dogs get on and some do not like to be left. We want  you to be able to focus on yourself and the Wisdom that is being shared with you.

I have heard people say that they would never leave their dogs behind.  I do hope you will consider that such a wonderful experience, designed just for you is worthy of you having someone look after your pooch for a weekend.

If you have any questions and would like a chat, contact Marion +44(0)7712 537099 or via the contact page