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Welcome to TIGS TRIBE where you can learn to become self-empowered, confident and happy with your life.

Having a relationship with yourself will enable you to let go of the People Pleaser, the Perfectionist and the controller within you.  The hurts of the past will also fall away. 

Choose instead to be confident, visible and present whilst creating a life you would love to live!

If this resonates with you then why wouldn’t you want to join me so that you can learn to live a life where you can let go, be vulnerable, trust people and yourself and be happy to show up in the world as you?


Understand your feelings and the world inside you and outside of you.


Be able to speak out, share your opinions without worrying what others think of you.


Discover the deeper meanings to your life and connect to your purpose.

Messages of Change

The 3 "Messages of Change" take you on a journey to understand how you create your self-limiting beliefs and finish with the connection you have to your true nature and who you really are. Listen to them in order. I hope you enjoy!

1. Overthinking V Authenticity

2. Overcoming Problems

3. Connection

The Trilogy

Come and join the Tribe

Be with other women who also want to transform their lives!

The LIVE BIG course is the first course in the Trilogy of TIGS Tribe courses.

If you have ever felt that there is more to life than you are currently seeing then this is the course for you.

If you know that you have insecurities and problems then this is the course for you.

Do you want more confidence and to live a life with purpose? 

Then join the course, it will transform you!

The second course in the series, CHANGE YOUR STORY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE will take you through a 4 week belief busting journey.

We all have negative beliefs that hold us back from living our very best life.

You can see things differently so that they drop away.

Join the course and you will definitely transform!

The last in the Trilogy, YOUR SPIRITUAL PASSPORT, explores the wonderful, fascinating world that is continuously creating behind the life you are seeing right now.

It is important to understand how this energetic world works so that you can see how it can affect the life you live every day.

Watching and participating in the dance between these two worlds will bring you a greater understanding on how to navigate your life more peacefully as well as being able to manifest what it is that you truly need into your life.

Find out if Michelle, Sophie, Ruth, Anna and Susan enjoyed being part of the Tribe!

Quote of the Week

Accepting that you are human is so important to your peace of mind!

As a human you have shadow sides as well as amazing gifts and talents.  Knowing this will allow you to navigate life so much more easily.

Embrace all of you!

Big love