Your Spiritual Passport

Do you ever wonder about the energy that creates life and also flows through you?

Do you sometimes know that someone is going to call, and then they do?

Do you notice coincidences that show up in your life?

Are you a person that can feel other people’s emotions?

Behind life, flows and energy that creates life and everything around us.  It also flows within you and when you allow your mind to be still you can connect with it too!

Do you want to connect with others on an energetic level?

There is so much to understand and discover about this world we cannot see.  You can enrich your life by understanding it more deeply.

Are you ready to go on a journey to understand this energy and how it connects you to everything outside of you?

Join and group of like minded women, all sharing their own experiences. 

Let me show you the secret to manifesting

Over the 6 weeks your eyes and feelings will be open to the energy that flows through you, creating and enabling you to find peace.

You will begin to see the world outside of you more clearly and learn to connect with it at a deeper level.

You will discover how to manifest, feel other’s energy and let go so that the universal energy of life can create the best life for you.

I would love to show you how to feel more grounded!

If you are ready, then join around 5 other people on the course.

You may know them already but if not, I can guarantee that you will love meeting them and sharing your stories with each other.

Are you ready to go on a journey of self discovery and unlock the magic of the Universe?

Would you love to see things in a new way?


Check out the video!

Are you ready to ...

6 Week course

Private Facebook Group

6 Weekly x 2hr Coaching sessions


weekly modules

Each week we will explore different topics to explore the wonderful world of what lies behind the life that we see. Many people I meet have had experiences where they notice things are happening intuitively in their day to day life. You will find out what is possible and how you can connect more deeply to this creative flowing energy.


We will explore different exercises to connect to the energy that flows within you. You will also experience the steps to connect to the energy that manifests the answers or things that you need in your life. The energy of life is a benign energy, fabulously creative and as long as your requests are in alignment with your higher self, your needs will be met.


All course attendees are invited to the private Facebook group where there will be support from each other and regular information and videos from me. A place where you can share your thoughts, experiences and insights in a safe environment.


The weekly coaching sessions are there for me to work with you on what has arisen whilst you worked on the module. I will guide you further into understanding how you can connect with more deeply with who you really are.

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What to expect

Why would you benefit from joining me on this course?


Too often in life we are not grounded. You will discover what this means and how it feels to be connected to an energy that you trust. YoU are grounded when you can see how life is playing out around you and in you.


Being connected means that you will see how your actions and energy that you put out affects everything around you. Even the things that you can't see. Once you can see that, the choices you make will be come from your higher self.


Understanding how life works inside you and outside you enables you to show up in the world as your higher self. You will be able to see the truth of what is going on around you and be able to confidently be present with your family, friends and work colleagues.


When you understand the world that flows in and out of you, it is so much easier to navigate life. The by-product of this is that you feel more peaceful. Your mind will be quieter and you have no need to control things to make them happen.


You will want to attract things into your life. If you are a personal that feels that they are unable to attract good energy into your life, you will find that this becomes easy when you understand how the energetic world works.


When you understand what you may be doing to reduce the life force energy in and around you, then you are more able to make wiser choices that increase your energy. You will also understand the important things that you can do to increase your life force energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like to work with small numbers of groups, 6 at the most.  I am able to truly listen and understand you so that even though we are working on a different subject each week, I am always mindful what it is you are personally wanting to transform.

Absolutely not.  I have run many groups and have also been on many courses where I have been in groups with other women.  You will find that you all support each other and learn so much just by listening to them.  Many people on my courses have become good friends.  

If you want to transform and come along to the group with the intention of doing the work and participating in the coaching sessions, you will transform. 

Once you have paid for the course you will receive your personal account details and the opportunity to reset your password .  Your account can only be accessed by yourself.