Live Big Course

So you have decided to transform!

Are you ready to understand yourself?

Do you want to know how your inner world works?

When I show you how to have a relationship with your true self, you will understand how to navigate your feelings and thoughts.  Knowing this, you will become more peaceful, confident and visible in the world. 

Once you understand deeply how to navigate the eco system inside yourself and learn how to live from the inside out, you will automatically start transforming!

I have spent a life time transforming!  I have come to understand who I really am and it has brought me so much peace, happiness and a feeling of “being in the flow” of life. Let me help you find that feeling too.

Was is it easy?

At times yes, because I found people along the way who taught me invaluable lessons!

At other times, I have needed to be courageous and willing to let go of the old and embrace my true self. 


The LIVE BIG course will transform you. 

Over the 8 weeks you will discover that you are perfectly wonderful as you are.

You will discover your inner guidance system, your Wisdom, is working beautifully inside you and it wants you to live your best life.

If you are ready, then join around 5 other people on the course.

You will be supported by me and shown the direction towards a peaceful mind.

I can’t wait to show you how to LIVE BIG so that you can show up in the world confidently.

Welcome to the LIVE BIG COURSE

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Are you ready to ...

8 Week course

Private Facebook Group

8 Weekly x 2hr Coaching sessions


weekly modules

Each week there is a topic of the week module for you to read together with some questions. These are designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on questions that make you think deeply about how you show up in the world. Bring your answers to the weekly coaching session where we will dive deep into the topic.


Journaling questions and writing down your thoughts, gives you the opportunity to see things differently. People often tell me that they have never thought about where they learnt to behave they way they do nor why they do the things they do.


All course attendees are invited to the private Facebook group where there will be support from each other and regular information and videos from me. A place where you can share your thoughts, experiences and insights in a safe environment.


The weekly coaching sessions are there for me to work with you on what has arisen whilst you worked on the module. I will guide you further into understanding how you can connect more deeply with who you really are.

Check out the review video at the bottom of the page!

What to expect

Why would you benefit from joining me on the LIVE BIG course?


If you feel lost at times, have lived through challenges or are in the midst of one right now, then join the tribe and find out how to see life differently so that you are happy with your life.


Confidence comes from feeling good enough and worthy. When you trust yourself to make the best choices for yourself, you will go out into the world deciding how you want to show up in it.


When you are authentic and behave as if you are good enough and worthy you will feel grounded in a feeling of wholeness. You will feel connected to people around you and will relish being "seen"!.


Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, addictions and issues that arise from bad relationships disappear when you are connected inside to who you were born to be, not who you have been taught to be!


Being authetic automatically transforms your life. Exploring what your spiritual values are and living a life being truthful with yourself and those around you will keep you in alignment with your true self. Your purpose flows from this place.


You can explore your dreams and be confident to follow them. Dreams that arise from your innate Wisdom inside are different from those we create when we have lower self-esteem. You are capable of manifesting an amazing life!

Check out the review video at  the bottom of the page!

Frequently asked questions

I like to work with small numbers of groups, 6 at the most.  I am able to truly listen and understand you so that even though we are working on a different subject each week, I am always mindful what it is you are personally wanting to transform.

Absolutely not.  I have run many groups and have also been on many courses where I have been in groups with other women.  You will find that you all support each other and learn so much just by listening to them.  Many people on my courses have become good friends.  

If you want to transform and come along to the group with the intention of doing the work and participating in the coaching sessions, you will transform. 

Once you have paid for the course you will receive your personal account details and the opportunity to reset your password .  Your account can only be accessed by yourself.

If you have any questions and would like a chat, contact Marion +44(0)7712 537099 or via the contact page


Check out the video in which I asked Josie and Gemma 4 questions at the end of their LIVE BIG course. Listen to their thoughts about the course!